Breaking Free:
A Step-by-Step Guide
for Corporate Refugees
to Turn Their Passions into Profit

David Shriner-Cahn, CEO

Business confidante and guide, community builder, and podcast host - helping corporate refugees start, run, and grow their businesses.
Join us for an exclusive workshop
Turn your skills and experiences into a profitable business that will support your lifestyle.
In This Workshop:
You wil gain the knowledge and tools needed.
Reflect on your career and create a plan to do more of what you love while getting paid what you're worth.
David will guide you through the 5 areas you need in your annual plan.
As well as brainstorming exercises for 12 months of professional and personal growth.
Discover the 3 stages of business growth.
And learn how to plan your year based on where you are in your journey.
You will identify the most important action.
For you take within the next month to work toward your goals.
This is For You If:
You want to quit your job and work for yourself
But you’re afraid it’s too risky
You left your job
And you want your business to accelerate faster than it is
You were pushed out of your last job
And you’re wondering how you’re going to make entrepreneurship work for you
Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to take control of your career and create the lifestyle you desire.

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